Ok, for those of you who did not know already, your Income Advisory Statement is ready for you on InTouch in the Reports Section.  Post here if you need help finding it and I am sure one of us will get you there.  🙂

So, ya’all know my goal is to get back to six figure and I am sure ya’all are wondering what my personal income advisory statement sez – I am gonna round the number up or down based on where it is so that I do not accidentally identify myself because I will give this to my unit too…

Combined US Commissions Total: $33,000
Net Career Car Income Reported On 1099-MISC $7,000

Add to that my commission from my personal retails sales:  $13,000 – my wholesale purchases were also just under $13,000 – just to show you that you do not need to buy a bunch of product to sit on a shelf and dust.  I finished court of sales end of seminar year last year and things slowed a little after that… hmm… gotta fix that.  GASP!  Guess what?  I CAN!!  YAY!!!

So actual cash in: $46,000 +other = $54,000

Honestly, I am disappointed with the number of appointments I held the last half of the year.  I had a lot of personal stuff going on that contributed to this.  Fortunatley 95% of which has been resolved so I look forward to a strong finish to the seminar year and an amazing overall 2007. 

Is this executive income?  Heck… that depends on how you define it.  I call it great pay for great fun and great freedom.  Yes yes… expenses need to come out of that… guess what… my husband pays bills out of his check too duh.  You do not get to keep 100% of ANY paycheck. 

Is this average for a Grand Prix Director?  NO CLUE.  Kinda wish the company had numbers on that.  Again, I have never made a car payment so that changes the career car income portion and of course the overall commissions as well.

Do I work full-time.  Yes.  Kind of.  I do not work those hours that I hear other people talk about.  Ever heard the saying that the job will take up all the time you alot it?  Well… working for yourself is definitely like that.  So I work full time but if I were to really cut the BS (talking with girlfriends, blogging, etc… well… no… probably not a true full 40 hours of MK income producing or office activity).  Just keeping real grrrlz.

Bottom-line, I am grateful for this opportunity and this business.  I am in for the long haul!  I know a lot of people who work a lot harder for a lot less.