This should be a great topic!!  Here is my view…

Your Director is supposed to:

  • Be the best Independent Beauty Consultant in her unit
  • Provide an avenue of training and skill building for her consultants (some do weekly in person meetings, some do telephone training, some do one-on-one coaching, this comes in a variety of forms)
  • Keep you up to date on unit & company changes
  • Keep you up to date on deadlines and important dates
  • Keep you up to date on your status (active, inactive, about to lose team, about to lose discount, etc.)
  • Be your biggest cheer leader & fan
  • Be your coach

What she does not do:

  • She does not read minds – you gotta tell her if you need something
  • She does not book your appointments
  • She does not hold your appointments
  • She does not sell your product (I know I know… you guys are thinking… “duh” but you would be amazed….. speaking from personal experience here..) 

So what would you guys add… this is not a complete a list by any means… just the starter for dialogue!  🙂