I always get a kick out of the blog stats section…. mainly the search strings that bring people here… this is a serious one though, so I thought I would answer the question and of course, some of you probably have experience here… so please weigh in:

You can change Directors but it is not easy:

  1. Sit out for a year, that is 12 months past the date of your last $200 wholesale order.  The con to this is that you put your business on hold for a year.  For some people this is a problem for others it is not.
  2. If you were accidentally recruited into the wrong unit, which has happened.  Someone in my unit thought it did not matter who they signed an agreement with, signed with someone else and then freaked out.  (Now she says that she asked the person who helped her with the agreement… let’s stay above the fray here…. stuff happens… let’s focus on how to fix it.)  In this case, the Director needs to draft a letter that must be signed by the Consultants, both Directors and the Recruiter.  You can change units.
  3. Finally, become your own Director.

Hey… I was there… I was thinking of sitting out.  Instead I just busted butt and became my own Director.  As far as I know those are the only options.  Can’t wait to here what you all have to say!!!