Let’s hit a hot button!  So… the rumor is that they may be offering pants with the new Director’s suit… now, the fact that we have NOT seen any images of the new suit leaked from the NSD trip seems to me to be pretty good confirmation of this possibility, regardless… the cat will be out of the bag at leadership.

So where does the myst fall with this seemingly hot hot hot topic?

EXCITED!  Hey look… the company has been working hard to rebrand and upgrade their image and this is a silly area to take publicity hits.  They started the process last year with relaxing the “official yet non-required but suggested” stance on hose and shoes and whatnot.  I also heard that last year they discussed pants with the NSD’s but some … er… ‘traditional” or “original” or “more seasoned” NSD’s had a fit… so it did not happen.  But hey, this company IS in the business of making money (as it should be – hello DUH).  They research such changes heavily before making these decisions.  In fact, did anyone else notice on the new recruiting DVD folks are casual and in … *GASP* PANTS!!!! 

So… your turn!  Where do you weigh in on the great pant/skirt debate?