Another search that brought someone to the myst.  This is an important question.

Well.. for starters, when you lose directorship or step down, you become a consultant again.  Your personal recruits remain your personal team members and everyone, including you, fall back into your Senior Director’s unit.  If you are are her only offspring, she will no longer be a Senior Sales Director.  So, depending on her number of offspring, she may be “demoted.” 

You will still earn commission on your team members, if you are a Grand Achiever, you will remain a Grand Achiever.

Should you decide to become a Director again, you just do it again!  Same as before.

This company really is super flexible.  My personal advice is to decide if this is really what you want and if it is, get busy.  And by get busy, I mean YOU get BUSY BOOKING and SELLING.  Everything else will fall into place.  If this is not what you want, that is OK.  Let it go.

I know there are a lot of emotions with stepping down/losing directorship.  Many people really place a lot of their value based on their success in this business.  Stepping down does not mean failure.  If the people you are around make you feel that way, find new people to be around.  Regardless of what if anything you decide to do with this business.

What say you all?