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 JanMarieNSD-Emeretis Says: December 27, 2007 at 1:37 pm e

Hi ladies

Just wanted to post this, as this is off topic:

I have been an avid poster and blog communicator with the Mary Kay world for many years under different names for different boards. I have also viewed PT from time to time which regardless of what else you can say she does seem to have a good source of information. So I am in the middle of the road.

Anyway I have always loved MK the woman, and some years back posted that she had been married more than three times. Some MKers don’t want to believe this, and some say ok so what? But I never knew exactly how many times because I don’t have access to her info in Texas.

Well, now I know. And I feel it is my duty to set the record straight.

If any of you got the dvd, there is a newspaper clip that shows her name as Mary Kay Weaver. I had known that Mary Kay married Mary C Crowley’s (the lady who started Home Interiors) brother. Since I never knew Mary Crowley’s last name, I never knew if this was “weaver” or some other name. I have just got the book Mary Crowley wrote called “you can to” (which is good) and only yesterday found out that Mary Crowley’s maiden name was indeed Weaver.

I am clearing this up because I was never sure if Mary Kay had been married four or five times–and now it turns out to be four.

Mary Kay Rogers (first marriage)
Mary Kay Weaver (Mary Crowley’s brother)
Mary Kay Hallenbeck (her husband as she was starting MK)
Mary Kay Ash (her last husband)

I know that some of you have read my posts both here and on other sites about this, and I wanted to clear it up. I really do wish that MK had been truthful about her marriages.

Anyway, I am putting this out there. It’s not my blog, so pynkmist, if you want to delete it, that’s your prorogerative. I just didn’t want anyone saying MK had been married five or six times.