Let’s look at a scenario where NO ONE in a Director’s unit orders product in a given month. However the director is working classes each week and she has 5 personal Qualified recruits in the month. Company average order size for a new consultant is $1000 whl.$5000 whl. 5 new personals

$1500 whl. Director’s personal order tracking her for Sales.

$6500 whl.Production from just the director and her 5 new consultants

Let’s see what that income looks like:Your Income

$650 – $5000 whl from 5 new recruits 13% Commission on personal recruits

$845 – $6500 whl from your unit 13% Director Commission (directors get paid on their entire unit including personal recruits again plus their own order. )

$500 – $100 Bonus (director bonus per personal new Q. recruit)

$500 – $500 Bonus for a unit that has 5 Q. recruits in one month 

600  – $100 Bonus per $1000 production (over $5000)

$3095 Income as a Director This income is from just your personal 5 new recruits and your own $1500 whl. Order.

$1000 – $2500 in retail sales w/ 60/40 split$1500 whl. Reinvestment tracking National Court of Sales

$4095 Total Income for the month…from Directorship and personally selling the product.NO ONE in the Director’s existing unit ordered at all.

Now let’s look at what happens to car production requirements: $6500 whl. production$3000 car credits (director’s receive $600 car credit per qualified personal recruit)$9500 in car production for the monthGrand Prix ONLY requires $8000 per month…………………………………………..Myth BUSTED!!

Directors only need to depend on themselves.

**Note from myst… I did NOT double check the numbers, but thought it would make for a good post/conversation.