Ok all… I have the new stuff… I have tried it!  Here are my initial thoughts.

  • My first impression of the eye colors was “oh sh*t! they are so small!!!”  I was actually speechless for a bit… BUT now that I have tried them I am amazed at HOW LITTLE YOU NEED.  I LOVE Granite!  My new fav….
  • The compact is TIGHT!  The pros… feels SOLID… looks GREAT!  The cons… because I am one of those… you know “those”… it bothers me that fingerprints are left on the glossy finish and find myself rubbing it down… every time I pick it up… plus with it being magnetic the eye colors are not “perfectly aligned” so… you OCD Diva’s… be warned!  LOL  Otherwise… love it!!!
  • The bronzers are GORGEOUS!  I love that there is a matte and a shimmer!!  They really are beautiful
  • The new lip brush actually works unlike the ones we have had in the past…. THANK GOD!
  • The highlighters… well this has been the one thing my consultants have been most confused about… the shimmery one is GREAT on the eyes! Remember the little velocity shimmer powder pots?  Very similar!  The matte can be used anywhere you would use the highlighting pen.  BUT…. I would only do that with young skin… because powder can make fine lines and wrinkles stand out.  Soooooo test it first.

Let’s talk samples….

  • No samples of bronzers or highlighters.  Bummer.  You can use the display trays… I have not yet decided if I am going to do that.  (I also said I was not going to demo the mineral powders… but am now… more on that later.. if I remember).  At the meeting we played with cotton balls and sponge tips (disposable of course). 
  • The display trays and the company order limit…. I know I know.. Directors were hacked off too.  I think that the company should have come out with the Color Pro (or whatever they are calling it) at the same time.  Cuz I am not going to break out a gazillion of the small compacts for my bronzer and eye & cheek and highlighter… so personally I think this was a goof up… BUT the pallette will be out in Summer…. back to the trays…. no idea if they will change it, but directors through a big enough fit that we were all shipped two for free.  Personally, I hate these min wholesale amts to order things like PCP, section 2, whatever.  Annoying.  Feels so big brother.
  • All the other samplers are same thing different color.  🙂 
  • The new Look Cards… I like them but still undecided as to whether or not it is enough product … will try it with a few clients and see.  I hope it is, because I would personally like to use those at the first appointment with a mascara sampler.  The new Look cards are now 5 for $1.50, so you could add a mascara sampler and it would still be less than the old Color 101 Cards.  I like that they do not include the applicators in them, it was a great idea.. but they were just toooooo small.

So what did I forget?  Oh I just started to use the subtle tanning lotion… we will see what happens.  🙂  Got questions?  Ask away?  Got opinions?  Share!!!  🙂