Welcome to the myst!  Yes!  We are a pro-MK and pro-pink Blog!  We welcome all topics… all questions.. and healthy dialogue.  We promise to keep it real and step outside the box (or pink bubble) as needed to keep our posts valid and from a pink business perspective.   This site is a great place to discuss Mary Kay opinions and questions.

You will find many positive Mary Kay consultant stories and Mary Kay sales director experiences. I know that there are other sites out there who claim to offer the “truth” some even offer a pink truth.  Some of those sites only allow one view to post.  We are here to offer another view.

What we won’t tolerate: No hating.  Period.  I don’t care what camp you come from.  No hating on anyone else.  We all bring experiences to the table.  No name calling… no bashing… no naming names or outing people… no personal attacks.

So Mary Kay girlies let’s choose our topics and get talkin!  There are a lot of GREAT topics to discuss and I can’t wait to chat with you!!


41 Responses to “About pynkmyst”

  1. mkrules Says:

    Was I wrong, are you in the vibe or GP?

  2. pynkmyst Says:

    tee hee – I am a GP as Colleen called me… I was almost offended until she told me it was Grand Prix. 🙂 Driving FREE for 3 years with NO CAR PAYMENT baby! 🙂

  3. mkrules Says:

    K i will change that, sorry! I guess i am just focused on what I want!!

  4. mkrules Says:

    I really want to take the cash. I want to pay off my VW with it. That would e sweet!!

  5. pynkmyst Says:

    LOL – that is ok mrules.. I just almost had to open a can of pinkdrama on YOU! tee hee

    What VW do you have?? I have had a Jetta and my last car was a Passat. (Loved the Passat!!!)

  6. mkrules Says:

    I have a Jetta 1.8 T with HIGH interest. So yeah, I need that vibe. But no worries, If I don’t get it, I will just do more selling appts to get the money. Hee hee. I love MK.

  7. Krizzle Says:

    I say take the cash. Actually, I was so bummed when GM stopped makin’ the GrandAM. I earned that baby during the last go-round and bought it. Still luv my GrandAm.

  8. pynkmyst Says:

    Yeah, I liked the Grand Am too! A consultant of mine is picking up her Vibe next week… I like those too… they are sporty.

    Of course I love the Grand Prix!!! Veeerrrrry sporty! Hubby likes it too. 🙂

  9. Colleen Says:

    If you all look up the pontiac vibe on Google the reviews on it are great! I would hear the naysayers say its a cheap car and when I looked at the reviews (82 of them to be exact) all but one person loved the car!

  10. Krizzle Says:

    I don’t know; I’m just not feelin’ the vibe. I know it’s supposed to be hip, but I think the other GM selections would have been better to take the place of the GrandAM. But that Grand Prix is sexy! Luv it!

  11. Colleen Says:

    Read these comments on this link these ladies make US look negative!!!!!!


  12. Krizzle Says:

    Well, I guess they do. That’s why I hang out here; Pynkmyst has her head on straight. I can’t take the pink attics out there. But hey, it depends on whom you ask. They luv MK…more power to ‘em. *coughing in the pink dust*

  13. Colleen Says:

    Krizzle I forgot to tell you I LOVE that Grand Prix it is sleek that Silver Signature. I have been in one. I didnt care for the Caddie but when I got in my directors car GOD it felt like riding on air it was wonderful. I changed my

  14. Pink Believer Says:

    I’ve had the Grand Am, the Gran Prix, and the Cadillac. The Cadillac is one awesome car, period, whether it’s pink or not. But the pink color gets alot of POSITIVE attention out in public. The Grand Prixs are great too, my husband wanted to buy the last one that I turned in. They are sporty, with just enough room to be comfy. Have you all seen the new Xover? LOVE IT! I am working for one of those. I think it would be a great family car, but if I didn’t have kiddos, the CTS would be my choice. Everyone has to evaluate their own personal situation to decide what is best for them-car or cash, and if the car, which one? Some directors take the cash for two years and pay off something for their 16 year old new driver, some take the cash for a larger vehicle for a larger family. It’s all good!

  15. colleen Says:

    PInk Believer are you still a director or did you just decide to be a consultant?

  16. Colleen Says:

    Hey Myst wherever you are let us know you are ok.

  17. "Dara" Says:

    I’m wondering if she has re-thought her blog and decided to shut down or just let it die a slow and painful death.

  18. Colleen Says:

    Thats what I was wondering….I thought that maybe she felt it was taking away from her business. I hope she is ok wherever she may be.

  19. mkrules Says:

    People have been asking me if she is ok,I hope so but no news from her to me.

  20. pynkmyst Says:

    Hi Guys! Sorry for the lapse… I got a little OCD with some home projects & business projects and well… did I mention I am a little OCD? Sometimes, yes sometimes, I make Monk look normal. LOL Geez… loads to catch up on!! I have not been to any other boards either. I did however do a complete re-org in the office and man oh man does it feel better! Been working some fabulous new team members and “moving that freight” as my hubby says. What is new with you?

  21. Colleen Says:

    Oh my GOD!!! There is a god!! You dont know how much we have missed you Myst when I get home from work tonite I have plenty so say to you..

  22. pynkmyst Says:

    UH-OH! Am I in trouble!! I promise – next time I will leave a note!!!! 🙂

  23. Colleen Says:

    Myst my job keeps making broken promises and although I DO need the money this board has shown me what I need to do. Dont worry I will be back strong in 30 days. I was promised a new position (thats true) not more pay! I have given almost my all to where I work and they DO appreciate me but there is nothing there for me
    anymore. Im not going to leave and I love my boss but there is no way Ill make there what I used to make some years ago. Besides my ultimate goal is to stay home with mom because she is not totally well. Anyway Ill get into it later have to sleep now. Im so glad you are ok.

  24. pynkmyst Says:

    Colleen – Hang in there. You are blessed in many ways. You like your job and you do feel appreciated. You also know that in your heart you want to transition into being a SAHM with a successful business. You are in an ideal situation to work your business and build your customer base so that you can make that transition.

    YOU CAN DO IT. Women do amazing things – I KNOW that YOU can do this!

  25. pynkmyst Says:

    Feels soooo good to sell product. 3 appointments and $550 later 🙂 YAY!!

    Hey anyone know how to delete all the comments from a section? Like if I wanted to clear pinkplay? New to blogging here….


  26. Me Says:

    Congrats on the sales!!!

    Go on your dashboard, then click on Posts, then on the post you want. You can delete comments from there.

  27. mkrules Says:

    If you don’t want to delete one by one, you can copy what you typed on the page, then delete the page. Then make the page again. Am I making any sense??

  28. mkrules Says:

    OK, good. I lost myself there for a sec!

  29. How do I go about correcting a post? I accidently typed Retail when I meant Wholesale.

    I tried to send a second post immediately following but it thinks it is a duplicate message – at least that is what the screen message said.

    I don’t even remember which category contains the post. The thread was about personal use consultants. If the moderator is able to fix it that would be great. (I don’t want to confuse anyone.)

  30. pynkmyst Says:

    No problem! Got ya covered! 🙂

  31. pynkmyst Says:

    Update Update Update!

    Well I told ya’all awhile ago that I was putting my nose to the grindstone and WOW. It is really starting to pay off. We had an excellent quarter and are tracking Cadillac. My one DIQ is getting close to getting ‘er done and I have another gal who is getting ready to DIQ herself. So looks like I may be Future Executive Senior instead of plain’ ol’ Senior soon. LOL

    I hope you are all well. So sorry that I am not out here much any more. I do check in every once in awhile though.


  32. Colleen Says:

    Oh my goodness now you have hit the BIG time please dont forget us little people Myst Im glad you check in from time to time. How is once a week in checking in so we know how you are doing?
    Thanks for the wonderful news!!

  33. msmkpink Says:

    You all are great! I have enjoyed your blog so much, and to think I at one time, did not understand why people blogged. I was totally not getting it. Thanks for sharing, I do now get it, This is a super site with
    caring women.

  34. Sabrina Says:

    I’m so excited to have found this blog! I am a consultant and have (one too many times) run across those sites claiming to offer you the “truth” about MK and how its all scams…although I KNOW its not true, it breaks my heart to see it. Anyway, I digress…THANK YOU for making my day, and I look forward to sharing ideas and experiences with you!

  35. Colleen Says:

    Myst I hope you had a good Independence Day and keep those offspring coming.

  36. Colleen Says:

    Myst give us a report. We miss you Im glad you are back at ME’s blog.

  37. pynkmyst Says:

    Hey Hottie! Things are great! We had our best quarter EVER! We added 20 unit members last quarter and our growth has been EXPLOSIVE!!! It has been so exciting!! My personal business is growing… gotta love those appointments.. in the last few days I had a $600 class and $300 facial.. in just TWO appointments! FAB and I am just doing my thang’… book, sell, rebook, recruit. 🙂


  38. shadesofpink Says:

    Happy New Year! I tagged you for another MEME thing. This one is NON-Resolutions. Check out my blog for details.:)

  39. I noticed the reproduction of an article I wrote numerous years ago to Mary Kay Rep’s in the Dallas area. I certainly do not mind the reproduction, but it is outdated now.

    In the place of the articles I now have a new site that can be used to deliver information on Mary accounting and tax issues, as well as a host of other financial and technology related issues. Includign audio/visual tools to help in complex issues such as QucikBooks etc.

    If interested in providing access internationally, 24/7 contact me toll at 877-459-5859 and I can provide free access for you to review what we can deliver.

  40. Vikki Says:


    I am working on articles about network marketing. Hopefully you can help me. Who are the top 10 nationals at Mary Kay? I know one of them is Gloria Mayfield Banks. I appreciate any help you can provide. (Love your blog!)


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