Let’s look at a scenario where NO ONE in a Director’s unit orders product in a given month. However the director is working classes each week and she has 5 personal Qualified recruits in the month. Company average order size for a new consultant is $1000 whl. (more…)


As long as you are going to go about your day thinking anyway, you may as well “think big”. Anyone can think small, and most people do. In fact, most people keep themselves in the same place in life, doing the exact same thing, without significant growth or change because of limited or conditioned thinking.

It is probably true that many of your current and future clients are living in that place right now. Who better to support them than you? The coach who is thinking big.

Ideas: (more…)

2008-2009 Director Suit
Well… what do you guys think????

Another search that brought someone to the myst.  This is an important question.

Well.. for starters, when you lose directorship or step down, you become (more…)

The Top Radical Resolutions To Create Your Best Year Yet!

With the dramatic changes in our economy and in our society, it’s no wonder that many of us are asking ourselves, “Now what do I do?” while looking for more order and certainty in an uncertain world.

The New Year brings the opportunity for change. For many us, it’s the time to think about resolutions. Often these resolutions are the same ones that we make every year or the ones we only stick to for a few weeks.

If it’s ever been a struggle to create what you want most in the New Year or to keep to your resolutions, consider that your goals and the strategy to achieve them may not serve you best.

Resolution is defined as, “The process of reducing to simpler form.” Which brings us to the paradox of resolutions: instead of simplifying our lives, we wind up dumping more tasks, goals or projects on our “to do list” thinking that by achieving more, our lives will be more fulfilling and successful in the New Year.

To make and keep your resolutions with the least amount of effort, start with upgrading your attitude and your strategy to achieve greater results. To begin, here are some resolutions that will enable you to live your potential and manage your life. (more…)

Let’s hit a hot button!  So… the rumor is that they may be offering pants with the new Director’s suit… now, the fact that we have NOT seen any images of the new suit leaked from the NSD trip seems to me to be pretty good confirmation of this possibility, regardless… the cat will be out of the bag at leadership.

So where does the myst fall with this seemingly hot hot hot topic? (more…)

Some great tips!!

I think this can be applied to self and to prospective team members! 

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