You know how it feels to be stuck in a rut. You’re doing the same activities over and over, and you’re not happy. Maybe you feel bored with your life or burnt out on the job. Perhaps you know what would make you happy, such as a new job position or increased responsibility at work, but making that goal a reality seems insurmountable and not even worth trying. So you stay in the same situation you’re currently in, hoping that someday something will change, but it never does. Face it … you’re in a rut! Being stuck in a rut is never fun. Aside from being bored with your situation, being in a rut also makes you more prone to depression and negative thinking-the two things that will keep you in your rut for even longer. So if you want your situation to change, you must change. Instead of complaining that there’s nothing you can do to make your life better, realize that there’s actually a lot you can do. You just have to get out there, take a risk, and do something. When you are not making any progress toward a particular goal and feel completely stuck, the key to making a big change is to make little changes. Use the following six guidelines to jumpstart your life out of a rut right now. (more…)


As long as you are going to go about your day thinking anyway, you may as well “think big”. Anyone can think small, and most people do. In fact, most people keep themselves in the same place in life, doing the exact same thing, without significant growth or change because of limited or conditioned thinking.

It is probably true that many of your current and future clients are living in that place right now. Who better to support them than you? The coach who is thinking big.

Ideas: (more…)


What are YOUR new year’s resolutions???

I think I am sticking with the standard run of the mill…

  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink more water
  • Powerstart every month

etc etc etc

JanMarie posted:

 JanMarieNSD-Emeretis Says: December 27, 2007 at 1:37 pm e

Hi ladies

Just wanted to post this, as this is off topic:

I have been an avid poster and blog communicator with the Mary Kay world for many years under different names for different boards. I have also viewed PT from time to time which regardless of what else you can say she does seem to have a good source of information. So I am in the middle of the road. (more…)

Another search that brought someone to the myst.  This is an important question.

Well.. for starters, when you lose directorship or step down, you become (more…)

Ok… so the real story behind these panties is …. well…. it leaves me speechless…. bad judgement and poor taste…

BUT because I am gifted in finding a silver lining….. let me spin this for ya’all… the pynk way!


I thought this article from Inc. was interesting, it asks some great questions to ask “underachievers” – now since we work for ourselves, only we know if we are performing to the best of our abilities, great questions to review – wherever you are in your business.


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