Colleen Asks:  Myst what does it feel like to have a GP unit? How did you motivate those women to sell? Is it the fact you only looked for people who wanted to do something part time or business minded or you got lucky? One thing that has been on my mind is since you were a six-figure baby in corporate america is it easier for you to recruit since women making that kind of money relate to those types of women? Dont get me wrong but lets face facts I think its easier for someone like you to recruit the corporate woman than it is a waitress and if Im wrong I stand corrected. I picture you driving up in the GP and giving an I story of I made 100k a year and was away from my family and MK came into my life and now I can be home (you know the drill)…..

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Keith Girard By Keith Girard
Thursday, November 8 2007

Ever since Ray Kroc flipped his first hamburger and launched what eventually became the McDonald’s restaurant chain, an untold number of small business owners have adopted the same franchising model, or bought into an existing franchise operation.

Today, thanks largely to the Internet, franchise opportunities have exploded in number; you can choose from more than 3,500 offerings. But it’s still largely a “buyer beware” business, despite the involvement of government regulators, trade associations, more than 1,600 franchise attorneys, and thousands of franchise “consultants.”

“It’s incumbent upon the buyer to know what they’re getting into, yet very few people understand what’s happening and tons of lives have been ruined through bad investments,” says Nick Bibby, who heads The Bibby Group, a franchise consulting firm in Shreveport, La., and also writes on the subject for AllBusiness.com.

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With the growth of the Internet, many small businesses have taken to using e-mail marketing to advertise their wares or services, since it costs almost nothing to send out millions of e-mail messages, other than the cost of acquiring the “mailing lists.”

Most of us are weary of receiving these unwanted, unsolicited junk e-mail messages, known as “spam,” now make up something like 80 percent of the e-mail volume we receive. However, many of us who run small businesses may have considered using e-mail ourselves to market our own products or services. Since we receive such a huge volume of spam in our e-mail inboxes every day, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that, since everyone does it, spamming must be legal, as long as you aren’t selling or promoting something fraudulent.

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Ok, first off.. Thanks Colleen for asking the question regarding this topic.  I have copied some great highlights from the Direct Selling Women’s Organization below.  It is important to be EDUCATED but NOT ACT EMOTIONALLY.  The Company DID give Directors a heads-up today and asked that we, as an independent sales force, do NOT contact the FTC directly

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