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As small retailers, it’s even more important that we have the inventory in stock.  It’s another one of those customer service elements that can separate us from the big guys.

A bit ago, I wrote about the need for newness.  And that’s true.  You need to offer new products for your customers.  But if you’re going to discontinue a line, make sure it’s for the right reasons as follows: (more…)


BEEcoming asked:  “Does anyone have a heads up yet on which Eye Shadow Colors are going to be phased out? I would like to be sure I am showing and promoting those shades during the holiday season. (I can always sell the current compacts and colors after the new compacts are launched but the discontinued shades will not be included in new Look Books and will become increasingly difficult to deplete.)” (more…)

What is DEO?  Director Early Order baby!!!  Yep, I ordered the new products today and got my unit support package today.  You guys… the lipstick packaging ROCKS!!  In the Unit Support Package we got the Nutmeg, Amber Glow, Berry Kiss, Tanned & Red lip colors.  Of course I had to break one out to try… creamy, nice formula, long wearing.  I love that the lipstick cap “clicks” on so that it will not fall off in your purse, only complaint is that a black lipstick tube in a black purse will be hard to find….

 The new Look Book is the BEST yet.  Why you say?  (more…)

Soooo…. any big plans for Cyber Monday?  Tomorrow is the biggest web shopping day of the year??

I just had my holiday open house… soo…. not sure if I want to do a web sale, but then a fragrance sale does seem like a good idea to finish up the Fragrance SELLING Challenge!!  🙂

Ok… so you had a change of heart, you went through a divorce, you hated your Director… whatever the reason, you sent your product back to the Company… but… then… one day you had this thought… “maybe I should not have closed that door forever… or did I?”

 Let’s talk about it.  Hey, first off, let me say that we are NOT judging people who sent their product back.  Many people do and they love that day, it is a great day for them.  That is GREAT!  For others they regret it, we are not gonna judge you either.  Life happens and we make choices at the time as best we can with the information we have.  All that being said…. here is what I know: (more…)

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007

NEW YORK — The outlook for the holiday shopping season grew dimmer Thursday after retailers announced disappointing October sales results due to consumers’ ongoing worries about the housing slump and higher energy prices.

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The myst asks… how does this effect your business?  Has it? 

Let’s talk Husbands!  Maybe with this thread we can work backwards?  Talk about all the great things MK Husbands do and fill in the blanks if we find any. 

 Let me say that I have seen people work this business with the support of their spouse and I have seen people work this business constantly fighting their spouse’s negativity.  It is hard to do anything when the person you love is fighting against it with negative words, actions, put downs, etc.  I will also say that when this is in a situation, the Mary Kay business is not usually the ONLY area a negative person will have a problem with.  Sometimes Mary Kay provides nothing more than a positive outreach and positive confidence building experience for such a person and sometimes Mary Kay represents a way out of their current situation.  Again, Mary Kay being there in so many different ways for various people.  Ah, but I digrees… sort of…

Here is what I personally think the husbands role is and what I think my husband does GREAT at and the one thing I wish he did better (and yes… he knows it…).  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this too!! (more…)

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