Top 10 Sales Mistakes

Every salesperson, regardless of the industry, product, or skill level, makes mistakes. Here are some basic sales mistakes to avoid and some tips for selling more and having happier customers.

  1. Not listening. Do not just listen to what the customer is asking for; look past that to find out what they need. Too often salespeople sing the praises of a product without hearing what the customer wants. You cannot sell to someone if you do not know what they want. Listen to your customers, identify the need, and fill it.
  2. Overselling. (more…)

Another search that brought someone to the myst.  This is an important question.

Well.. for starters, when you lose directorship or step down, you become (more…)

This game of chicken that retailers and their customers are playing every year will always result in the customer winning.  Retailers have to sell (more…)

Some great tips!!

I think this can be applied to self and to prospective team members! 

I thought this article from Inc. was interesting, it asks some great questions to ask “underachievers” – now since we work for ourselves, only we know if we are performing to the best of our abilities, great questions to review – wherever you are in your business.

So.. let’s hear it!  What is your favorite thing that your Director does?  Just one!

 I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say…. as a Director this will be a gold mine!

Melancholy Myst… humor me…. yes yes… a bit of a complaint or whine today…. anybody got any cheese? 

So… when I first debuted as a Director I LOVED meetings, I could not wait to hold meetings!  I could not wait to recognize others and provide training!  A few years later… I notice that meeting size is down and meetings just don’t seem to be so “in demand” anymore.   Meeting size has always fluctuated… based on holidays, school starting, school getting out, summer vacation.. etc etc

Now, of course, the first thing most of us do is look at ourselves, what changed in me?  What changed in my format?  What could I do better?  And although anyone could find things they could do better… (more…)

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