Ok ladies!  Come get the Class is OPEN!  Let’s help each other get the TOOLS needed for success!! 

You can ask questions and share answers with each other and of course I will add my 2 cents too!!  Let’s take advantage of all the knowledge on this board… lurking and posting!!  You ready?  I am!

On with the posts!!


7 Responses to “pynkClassroom”

  1. Ms.Glam Says:

    I am having trouble with making money in MK?
    My recruiter keeps telling me inventory is key and to be a star for referrals- so that selling wno’t be an issue.However,currently (I am postive this will change)I DO NOT have the finaces to be a star consultant.
    How do I can I become better at selling products without feeling pushy or come across as the typical sales type?

  2. pynkmyst Says:

    Hi Ms. Glam & Welcome!

    Ok, don’t worry about not being able to be a star right now. HONESTLY, I have been a star for over 20 quarters, and although I have had orders via company referrals and team members via company referrals, those referrals alone would not have made my business. That being said… let’s talk about getting names and booking appointments, because THAT is where your clients will come from.

    Being a star will not result in so many referrals that sales “won’t be an issue.” I hope that made sense.

    I recommend that you complete a contact list and incentivize folks to hostess an appointment for you, don’t worry about sales right now, those will come naturally. Right now you need to “sell” the appointment. 🙂 Become an expert at booking and coaching those appointments.

    Performing those appointments will help you master your class/facial presentation.

    ALWAYS ask for referrals – even if you have to incentivize them at first, offer them $5 off their order that night for the names & numbers of 5 friends.

    When you sit down to close them individually you have the guests for their class… close the sale and say “was there anything you did not get today that you would like for me to put on your wish list?” Write it down, then say, “You know Ms. Glam, I would LOVE to get you these items FREE! Would FREE be a good price for you? Great! Let’s book your second facial/advanced glamour appointment/check-up facial and when you share it with friends I will get you your products FREE!!”

    Focus on Bookings & RE-bookings. Not so much on the sales. It takes the pressure off of YOU, pressure off your hostess and pressure off your clients.

    HTH – and I am sure other folks have ideas too!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks too.

  3. shadesofpink Says:

    Oh–to add on to what the Myst has said regarding a contact list: my director has each new unit member complete a 100 names list right off the bat. It’s our first challenge as a new consultant. You simply make a list of names and phone numbers of women you know with skin. This will show you how many people you really know. Will you call every single person on that list? No, at least, not right away. Will it give you a great start to get booked? Absolutely! In our unit, we get a bee pin as a reward once we’ve completed this list. It’s called our Booking Bee pin!
    I don’t know how long you’ve been running your business, Ms. Glam, but don’t think you have to be brand new to do this list. I have redone my 100 names list quite a few times since opening my biz in 2003. It gives me an idea of who I haven’t contacted yet as well as who I may need to get in touch with because it’s been awhile. It also helps me to see if I need to go look for some new leads.

    I have the same issue you do as far as worrying about coming off as a pushy saleswoman. I’ve come to realize that if I don’t keep in touch with my customers, they will find someone else. Also, they are often busy and getting in touch with me could be as inconvenient as a trip to the mall. Now, if I call them once in awhle to see if they need anything, it’s actually a service to them and saves them the trouble of seeking me out. It took me a long time to get that mentality. I had the “I’m bothering them” mindset instead of the “I’m helping them” mindset. I had a customer whom I’d lost touch with seek me out and I’m so happy she did! I will now call her regularly.

    Hope my 2 cents was helpful. 😉

  4. colleen Says:

    Ms Glam
    If you go to intouch you will see a letter you
    can use to have an executive buying service.
    Getting companies to buy from you. If you dont find it I can post it for you here let me know.

  5. NuIBC Says:

    I am very new to MK. Signed 3/8/08. I am excited and afraid. Any words of wisdom on how to get out of the circle of freinds and family?

  6. pinkstar Says:

    Congratulations on joining MK. I’ve been in the business 15 years and still love it. In my beginning my director gave me great advice on getting started. Everybody was a ‘practice face so I could learn technique’. No pressure, no expectations on their part. It was honest and it worked. Still does too. Even as long as I’ve been in the business, each quarter’s new products gives me a reason to ‘experiment’ with everyone since the new products are new to me too. Enjoy your journey!

  7. wannabepink Says:

    I just signed up for to be a beauty consultant, um, less than a month ago! I am so excited, I only have one problem…I don’t know anyone where I live. I am new to the area and have tried to get consultations using the friends that I have, but the area is so small, they either already have a MK lady, or just don’t have the $$. I have tried to tell them they don’t have to spend money, just get friends together, they say they can’t do that either. Its a little frustrating, I have tried using the call plans, but its just not working for me. I don’t even have a 100 number in my cell phone. Help!

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