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Well… in here we can discuss whatever!!!  This is the room where anything goes… (except hating on others… ya’all know how I am about that!) 

 So.. go for it!  Talk shop, talk gossip, talk kids, whatever is on your mind.  🙂


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  1. pynkmyst Says:

    Ok… kewlio! So… last week I had 7 appointments booked, 2 no showed, 1 rescheduled and 2 zero dollar facials that will become 1 consultant and probably 1 basic… Not bad. :0)

    This week I have 7 booked, 1 rescheduled, 3 held and they were all today ($547 day) and three tomorrow. 2 classes and a facial. So far this week we are at $887 in sales with reorders and all, and so far I have just seen clients today. FAB!

    Of course I had Director meeting and stuffs too. 🙂 Anyways… dunno why I am posting it… other than I know some of ya’all are curious about what is going on as I track toward my 6 figure goals. 🙂

  2. mkrules Says:

    I love to hear that and it always makes me feel challenged to do just as well. I am so glad you are going places!

    I am gonna check my fishbowl tomorrow and also get another one out. If there are names, I am gonna call and book them. I am starting a new idea to get bookings to hold. Once a month, I am gonna do a $100 retail gift basket and whoever holds a party on the original date and time with $200+ in sales (outside sales count), gets to enter! This includes leads from fishbowls. What do you think?

  3. Colleen Says:

    Well I talked to my director today and she wants me to become a director..LOL We talked about it and she said that she thinks I have the talent and since she knows I frequent these blogs and she doesnt she said I could giver HER the scoop!!! She is positive and never asks for an order and she gets lots of referrals and lives in a beautiful house. Her husband makes good money but she does work her businesss. She want from Caddy to Grand Prix last month but she is ok with it and she is sooooo nice and understanding. I have to do something great in this company to please myself and her!!!

  4. mkrules Says:

    Colleen: I think you would make a great director if you choose to be. That is a choice I am struggling with. I am not sure if I want to be one myself. I used to think so, but now I dunno. I am gonna think long and hard on that one before I commit to going for DIQ.

  5. Colleen Says:

    I could go in with 50 people and maintain a unit of 75 and my commission checks were 3000 a month or higher it would be worth my while to be a director. If I could do that and work 20-25 hours a week it would give me time to be home with my mother. I dont make bad money but when I see what I take home after taxes being a director looks pretty tempting….I know its not easy but I have seen people with NO sales experience who seem to do well. I have good people skills but I dont know if Id be good at the inventory thing.

  6. mkrules Says:

    I think it is great to carry inventory if you can afford it, or manage your money well to pay it off. It saves time and it motivates you to try to sell!

  7. pynkmyst Says:

    Ok so update… yesterday had 1 no show, a facial that was $157 and a facial that was $100… not bad! Still booking… trying to get more classes… I must admit that is my biggest challenge! Hmm..

  8. mkrules Says:

    I meant to get two new fishbowls out today, but I didn’t. I have homework! Boo! But I will do this this week. I need new leads to book too!

  9. pynkmyst Says:

    Another awesome busy week… booked three today and two yesterday – got some classes on the books this time… very kewl! Some of them are not for a few weeks though… that is a bummer… I like instant gratification! LOL

    So far this week every appointment has moved! OY! A Thursday morning moved to Tuesday morning, a Wednesday night to next Thursday night and phone tag with the gal who was this afternoon. Been a good day for catch up and bookings though!

    We will see if my appointment tomorrow holds, wouldn’t you agree that you get a good “spidey sense” as to whether or not appointments are going to hold after being in this business for awhile. I wonder if Doctors, Lawyers, Nail Techs, Chiropractors & Massage Therapists get the same kind of instinct with their appointments?

    Muffins & makeovers thing on Sat. with a bunch of people. I like those big ol’ group appointments! Very kewlio.

    mkrules – get your fishbowls out girlie! You will love it!

  10. Colleen Says:

    So you like the muffins and makeovers huh Myst!!
    Some directors only use them for recruiting events what do you do with them?

  11. pynkmyst Says:

    I actually do makeovers… crazy eh?

    Yeah… Mary Kay the woman said…

    1) Book
    2) Sell
    3) Rebook
    4) Recruit

    I missed the chapter in her book that was …

    1) Recruit
    2) Recruit
    3) Recruit
    … blah blah…

    Oh wait… that didn’t exist!! LOL

  12. Colleen Says:

    LOL!!! I actually like the books by Mary Kay Ash I thought they were well written and can be applied to any business..I LOVE her People Management book..love the products too..

  13. mkrules Says:

    Yes, that Recruit, recruit, recruit is what drives customers crazy and consultants to frustration. If you make someone happy by selling them something they like, an opprotunity for them to make more money can be discussed next. You want someone who likes the products, not warm bodies. They will fall off anyway and keep you on the “hamster wheel”. Better to build slow.

  14. pynkmyst Says:

    Ok so the facial yesterday was just under $100 but I rebooked her for a class to get mo’ stuff FREE. YAY…

    Gotta book 4 today cuz I want to take tomorrow off after the muffins and makeovers. This week has been a wierd week… we had a big guest event that ate a whole day… I snuck out of training to book my two though. Gotta stay on it. It has thrown me off for the week though! I thought today was Thursday… bit of a shock when hubby told what day it really was! LOL

  15. mkrules Says:

    My Sunday party is being rescheduled. But I got out a great fishbowl and will have more leads soon!

  16. Colleen Says:

    I was hesitant to post this but since everyone here is civil I would like to know what you all think about top directors and NSD’s charging 200.00 and up to hear them speak about how to be successful in their MK business. Im not against it but I can see how some might be since they have forked out money for Seminar and Career conference. If someone wants to pay 100.00-500.00 for a David Cooper and an Allison Lemarr and it helps their business to grow I see nothing wrong with it if people want to pay to go.

  17. pynkmyst Says:

    Well… I am actually not a fan of a lot of things that Directors and NSD’s do to charge the consultants to make PROFIT. Now in the case of the NSD situation I PERSONALLY (my opinion alone) think that they should charge based on estimated attendance to cover costs. I think it is terrible to charge large amounts to hear them speak. I do NOT encourage my folks to attend things like that. I see Directors over charge consultants all the time to “cover” costs and they mark it up so that the costs covered include their own. I personally do not do that.. I could… no one would know but me… ah… but then I WOULD KNOW and I would not feel right about it.

    Remind me when I am NSD! Just in case my head gets so big that I forget all my common sense! LOL

  18. mkrules Says:

    Allison’s debut was $65. Not bad at all for all the great training I got including Pam Shaw and Stacy James!

  19. Colleen Says:

    Well 65.00 for an NSD debut is not horrible BUT
    if you are getting SJ and PS then its worth it I happen to like Pam Shaw and I think she has awesome training. I like the fact we get the truth from the Myst and we dont have to pay.
    Myst when you become an NSD or an Future Exec I will promote you I promise Ill send people your way…LOL

  20. pynkmyst Says:

    Colleen – you are too sweet!

    I think that $65 probably covered expenses and to me that says that they were not charging to profit from event but charging to not take a loss.

    $200 per person tells me you are charging to take a profit from the event and people… Mary Kay pays us WELL… ESPECIALLY at the NSD level.. (again… that is IF you ARE working YOUR BID’NESS!)

  21. colleen Says:

    Guess what? Someone on Mk Rules blog said that I was illiterate..LOL Oh well I wonder what I did to deserve that?

  22. pynkmyst Says:

    I dunno – I asked why she was hatin’ on you? I mean you of all people? What was that? People are strange…

  23. mkrules Says:

    Colleen, they are just mean. Sorry for the haters…

  24. turningpink Says:

    I can’t believe someone was hatin’ on Colleen! I guess I missed it. We love you Colleen!

  25. colleen Says:

    Thank you Turning Pink I cant believe all of the support that I have been getting here and the other blog Fuschia and MK Rules its unbelievable. Well not really ,,its not hard to believe because everyone here is nice and real!!

  26. Jeni Says:

    I would love to ask a question about product. Here goes….Intense Moisturizing Cream, is that to use on your face or your body? I use it on my feet, elbows and neck and chest area. It does feel good. another one…why have an eye primer and a concealer? I use the concealer above and around dark circles under my eyes. Will the primer do the same thing as the concealer? another one…the oil free hydrating gel? Do you use that on your face also? Can you use it on your body? thanks to anyone who would like to answer these questions. I would appreciate it. Jeni

  27. foreverpink Says:

    oil free hydrating gel. Great product, and I believe that it is made for the face as is the intense moisturizing cream. But sounds like you have found other uses for it that work just as well. Good questions because these are questions that customers would ask. Surely on learn MK there are resources to explain the original use for each product, right myst?

  28. pynkmyst Says:

    Hey Guys! Absolutely, log on to intouch, scroll to the lower right and click “LearnMK” then click the link on the left that reads “Product Knowledge” and then “Onlie Product Guide” – in the Online Product Guide you will find details on each product as well as recommended application techniques – GROOVY!

    You can use the Intense Moisturizing and Oil-Free Hydrating Gel anywhere. They are intended to be used as supplemental moisturizers for the face, but there is no reason you can’t use them moisturize other places too!

    Eye Primer helps keep your shadow on longer. It will not cover dark circles and does not take the place of a concealer. Little tip though… you can also use it on stubborn blemishes that foundation and concealer won’t stick too! Put a little Eye Primer on there and then touch up with foundation and concealer and you are good to go. I have also used it on scars on the face since scar tissue has no pores and foundation/concealer can come right off. Great uses.

    Concealer is as concealer does… it conceals. I do recommend blending with a little foundation and remember, your concealer shade should always be at least 1 shade lighter than your foundation.

    Peeps with real dark circles may need to use concealer and then also touch up with the highlighting pen.

    HTH!! 🙂 ~myst

  29. mkta Says:

    Hi! I am new here, but I have to say that in NSD charing $200 is ridiculous..Arlene Lenarz was my NSD and I paid $20.00 to hear her talk..On another note, i have to say that i am really happy that I have found this site, I haven’t done much with my business for a while and I was thinking of quiting and then I found such negative sites about MK and I was starting to think that maybe I was part of a “bad” company that I will never make money in, but now finding this site has really helped..I have always believed that this company is great and there are just some bad seeds out there that have unfortunately made it a bad name in some people’s eyes…anyway, I am just very happy that i have found this blog and I am looking forward to getting things going again!!!!

  30. pynkmyst Says:

    mktas – Welcome! We are so glad to have you here! We are all about keeping it real and this really is an amazing opportunity and YES you can make money in Mary Kay! Be sure to check out the other blogs on the blogroll (to the right) as well.

    I am so glad to hear that you getting ready to get going again! Check out the business plan outline under the pynkmoney tab, that might help you plan where you want to go.

    We look forward to hearing more from you! 🙂

  31. mkta Says:

    I do have a question for you pynkmyst, did you build most of your business off of strangers, meaning a lot of warm chatter?? or did you have a lot of family that used the product?? I guess I am just curious.. Also, do you feel you do have a lot of time to spend with your family? I know I hear about people stepping down because it took so much of their time..but, then again, truly isn’t that in any business…I guess I kind of look at it this way that I can either work my 40 hours a week or someone else’s, right?? I am a stay at home mom and that is just my first priority is being a mother…

  32. Betty Says:

    Hi all!!! I am new here also. I am just loving this site! Thank you for starting this site. Just like mkta, I too was seriously considering leaving MK after reading one of those sites that say they are telling the “truth” about MK. But after finding this site through “mypinktruth”, I am marching foward with my business, full steam ahead!

    Thanks y’all for telling the REAL TRUTH about MK and encouraging the rest of us!!!

  33. pynkmyst Says:

    Betty – You go girl! I am so glad you found us!

    “You may be disappointed if you fail,
    but you are doomed if you don’t try.”
    -Beverly Sills

    We look forward to more posts from you too!!

  34. pynkmyst Says:

    mkta – I used “fishbowls” and referrals to build my business. I had and still have very little family that shops with me (mom & sis). I absolutely hate warm chatter. Hate it. Don’t do it. Won’t do it. 🙂 So I had to creative. You guys… never leave an appointment without referrals. Once I got my car driver in the HABIT of asking for referrals it changed everything for her. She now leaves appointments with 10-40 names. FABULOUS. Just imagine! You will always have names to call when you ask for referrals!!!

    Hmm.. time… ok, as a Director I would say that I do work around 50 hours a week. Maybe even closer to 60 BUT I do a lot of extra’s and I piddle because I don’t have kids and enjoy what I do. I hope that makes sense. I absolutely believe I could fit all I do into less time if I had to, but I don’t. Kinda like the same way you can take all day to clean the house or get an amazing amount of cleaning done in 45 minutes if company is coming… you know what I mean?

    As far as people stepping down because of time, I really don’t understand that. It seems that the more successful you are the more help you can afford. If time is an issue there are all kinds of resources available whether you hire someone in, or hire a virtual assistant or just stop doing some of the time consumming things. So before I stopped I would look at my work flow and see what could be trimmed.

    For example… blogging! tee hee… Does this count as work time… dang… prolly shouldn’t.

  35. Colleen Says:

    Myst your words have not gone in vain!! I went to the Intouch site and watched all of the videos MK has done a great job of having training on the web about the products!! By the way I have to say my hours were cut back at my job..LOL by 10 hours (Im glad) more time to do this and other things…they only did it for two weeks….

  36. pynkmyst Says:

    Colleen – I am excited for you!! Make the most of those 10 hours. They will slip away otherwise and what a great situation to think… you would have been using those as “focused time” anyway for someone else, and now… it is focused time for YOU!!! FAB!

  37. mkta Says:

    Thanks pynkmyst, I am also one that doesn’t have a lot of family for friends shop with me, I have some, but I am not planning on building my business off of them, I would rather build my business with strangers…because then I feel like they are buying from me because they want to and not feeling obligated, you know what I mean…
    Well, that is my plan someday to be a director, because I truly do not want to go back to work, I want to be able to set my own hours, but like you, I am building it slowly, I truly think it is the smarter way to go..I really want women working for the same goal as me, to be successful in this business!!!!

  38. Colleen Says:

    Myst you defy the odds of the negative ones because I used to hear in the past that the fishbowls dont work…LOL I think if you have 30 names in a fishbowl and get 5 bookings that hold that is not a bad ratio.

  39. pynkmyst Says:

    Ah Colleen… we know that I am abnormal! LOL One thing I have always done is buy a gift certificate for the business, so there is one grand prize winner each month who wins a gift certificate to the nail salon, tanning salon, gym or whatever. Also I recommend getting clear ballot boxes that you can put a blank or “fake” entry in so that people can SEE that someone else has entered. I dunno why… but it works better that way. You can get great boxes at http://www.go2displays.com and I think getorganizedco.com has them too. 🙂

  40. JanMarieNSD Says:

    PS to my previous post:

    Whatever else PT may or may not say which may or may not be right or wrong, I don’t know–but I do know that MK products are not drek!!!

    RE the recent targeted line reducer pen: I may disagree with the price, but the “gliadin” or whatever special ingredient it has is a wheat derivite that Cosmetic & Tolietries Magazine reported to be very effective, in fact a newer technology.

  41. waterprise2 Says:

    Hi Ladies:
    1) Re where to get your customers…I have almost 500, and 99.9% were strangers…I work mostly by referral…I HATE to warm chatter, but I will talk to someone in line or at the teller window…there are so many people out there looking for an MK Consultant!
    2) Re recruiting/interviewing…I find talking to people at the appointment works best for me…I tell them that I just want to give them the facts…it’s their decision or they might know someone…a lot of people are just pleasantly surprised to find out more about MK even if they would never do it themselves. Also, a lot of Directors say they weren’t even asked by their previous long-time Consultant or they would have started years ago!

  42. BabyPink Says:

    What is a fishbowl??

  43. colleen Says:

    You put a regular fishbowl and dress it up like you do raffle bowls and you get the people to put their name and number on the card so you can call them back and book them. You can do it at restaurants or hair salons or car dealerships or nail salons. This is in reference to answer to Baby Pink.

  44. mkrules Says:

    Baby pink: You ask permission from a business owner to place a fishbowl for a MK drawing. You choose the prizes. Make everyone a winner so you can contact them and try to book them.

    This is how I book mine:

    Click here to read how I book from fishbowls! Or ask your director for more details.

  45. Monica Says:

    Hi ladies !!! I was looking for a nice POSITIVE forum to join up with that is a networking resource for MK gals and this one really appealed to me !!! Everyone is so nice and great at sharing ideas !! I love how you bounce ideas off eachother and support one another !! I hope there’s room for one more !!!!

  46. This site is great. I too have been reading such negative things. I have been in it for about 5 months but have not done much. Anyone use warm chatter? I tried yesterday. I got 5 names and called them. 2 went to voicemail, I spoke to two of them and they gave me the run around. I need new leads!! Any suggestions?

  47. pynkmyst Says:

    I love fishbowls/leadboxes (see MKRules post above)! The key is to do multiple things. Ask for referrals, turn facials to classes and so on so that you have names from a variety of sources. 🙂

  48. PinkSucess Says:

    I just have to comment on an earlier topic here…NSDs and other directors charging large amounts for consultants to attend events.

    First, what happened to Go-Give? Mary Kay Ash expected us to share our knowledge with others in the company. Yes, recouping your expenses is reasonble, but many of the ladies are clearly making a profit on these events, and certainly on sales of their “products”.

    Secondly, some attendees are consultants that they already receive commission on. That would be like me making a profit on my sales meeting!

    Thirdly, DIRECTORS, WAKE UP! These ladies are taking money out of your pocket. If your consultants attend these high dollar events, and then spend another chunk of change on items for sale at the event, it can be cutting into their reorder money. That lowers your production, and your paycheck! We have great teachers at Career Conference, Seminar, and local meetings, plus with InTouch, your consultants do not need much else. There are great CDs on the MK Media Source, and they are only a few dollars each. Teach your consultants to keep their money and take advantage of FREE or inexpensive training. Consultants need to be showing a PROFIT in their business, not spending every dime that they take in seeking the “magic answer”. Here’s the secret for free: BOOK, SELL, RECRUIT! Do it over and over again, don’t stop, become a master consultant, then teach others to do the same. That’s it.

    Boycott these events and these people, and watch things change!

  49. mkrules Says:

    “Clearly making a profit”…At times I think the costs of an event are underestimated by consultants and even directors. Renting a location for an event costs a pretty penny, and not to mention if food is involved. I really don’t think anyone can say NSDs clearly make a profit on events unless they see the costs involved. JMHO.

  50. pynkmyst Says:

    Well.. I think you are both right. I have put on events and they are expensive, however as a leader you have to be careful not to over promote these events. I do NOT send EVERY event off to my unit. They would be constantly spending and thinking that it is “working” their business to constantly be at these events.

  51. colleen Says:

    I have a tendency to think Seminar and Career Conference and meetings are enough.

  52. PinkSuccess Says:

    Just to clarify my position. I am a Sales Director and have put on many events myself. I understand the costs/expenses related to such events. Some of the fees that I am seeing charged these days are way beyond recouping costs. In addition, it’s pretty common knowledge among directors/nationals that these people are making ALOT of money on events and the sale of materials/products. I will not divulge sources, but I know it to be so.

    Take a newer consultant who attends an event. Without wise guidance from her director, she is likely to spend even more money when she gets there on “tools” that those putting on the event are selling. Sometimes $100+! Some of the events are actually composed largely of training on using some of these tools/products, and the pressure to purchase can be high. I don’t know how many times I have heard, “I’ve only brought a limited supply” only to see consultants getting up to march back and make a purchase.

    Where does that money come from? Usually one of two places: her profit, which is not good, or her reorder account, which is not good either.

    And, in my experience, these items usually wind up sitting on the shelf somewhere, and produce little in the way of measurable help in their road to success.

    On the other hand, the Robert Jones workshops and materials that I have attended have been fairly priced and have paid for themselves over and over again.

    Nothing to debate, I just wanted to put my two cents in on this topic, because I do feel that it is a problem, and it is a problem that we can easily do something about by refusing to support the events.

  53. colleen Says:

    Really great from another yahoo board

    What is Mary Kay Success?

    Do you ever wonder what SUCCESS in Mary Kay really is? I think in Mary Kay we need to celebrate our every day successes. Some of you may be thinking, ‘What successes do I have to celebrate? I’m not #1 in my unit; I’m not a RED Jacket yet, Car winner, DIQ and so on. We need to celebrate our every day success. You need to concentrate on what you have done – not what you have not done. Getting that $50 order, getting a referral from a customer, getting a facial booked or just handing out 5 look books. These every day successes build your self-esteem, build your client base, build your profit and build your future. Each small success will build into larger and more exciting Successes!!! The Every day Successes will lead you to Celebrate that huge, large, exciting SUCCESS, whether it is paying off debt, paying for college for your kids or grandkids, the Mary Kay Vibe, Directorship or even the ULTIMATE – NSD!

    I have been in Mary Kay for 13 years this March. I am not the #1 Unit Sales Director in The Miller Area or The Bowers line. I am not the #1 recruiting Director . . . not #1, 2 or 3 but I am building on my every day successes.

    Let me tell you the successes I am excited about . . . I have gotten my ‘Basic’ clientele to almost 200 – total clients 430. I sold $7,000 in March, $4,000 of it in Microdermabrasion. The reason I could do that is because of the every day successes I had over the past 10 years – the books I’ve handed out, the referrals, the facials held, the classes held. Another success- our Unit is in Sandy Miller’s top 20 this year – We are #17 and that is so exciting to me! We are constantly going forward and building. Another Success – BIG success – Brian, my husband & I were able to pay off the house we live in – we are debt FREE!!! The reason I’m sharing this personal information with you is that my Mary Kay commission checks went directly to our house payment – some times it was double our house payment, triple or even 4 times what we owed. We built our house less then 10 years ago and because of Brian & my income – we owe NOTHING. Could we have paid off the house without MK – yes …..in the future, but not in less then 10 years. My Mary Kay has contributed to our home in so many ways.

    Could we live without my Mary Kay income? – Yes. But we could not live the way we want to – the ‘time’ choices, The vacations, the clothes, Lindsay and Alex’s extras – sports, movies, camps. And because I am a work at home Mom – our house is the gathering spot Lindsay’s and Alex’s friends. If I worked outside the home I would not have that Choice!!! Am I glad that I made the ‘Choice’ to work my business and not just ‘do’ Mary Kay? You betcha!!! Mary Kay has helped make us DEBT FREE. We hear many Nationals talk about ‘Debt Free’ and the idea sounds great. It is exciting, BUT until you are DEBT FREE – you don’t know what FREEDOM that is . . . the unbelievable release of stress and the new excitement to wake up each day thinking ‘I owe no one.’ I think much more abundantly now and my kids think that way too! My daughter, Lindsay who is in 6th grade wants to go to Hawaii after she graduates 8th grade. Is she an abundant thinker – yes. Is she willing to work for that abundance – yes. She does not expect it to be given to her – she is mowing 3 yards this summer and babysitting. She has a chart going and she expects to make about $1500 this summer alone. She is going to pay for her own plane ticket to Hawaii – a deal her Dad and she made and of course I am going too.

    The reason I tell you about this – is if we did not think abundantly, what would we pass on to our kids? We expect to be Debt Free, we expect good things, we expect to work for our abundance and that is what we are teaching our children.

    What are you teaching yours? Do you have the vehicle (Mary Kay) to be debt free, to make the choices that you want for your future?

    So celebrate those every day successes and keep working your business.


    Sherry Friedman
    Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk and Driving Pink is all we can think~


  54. colleen Says:

    Hey Myst I know its the money that keeps you motivated but other than that as a car driver what keeps you motivated other than uhh production?

  55. MKRules Says:

    My wordpress account has been suspended, suppossedly for violation of terms of service. *sigh* I’ll try to get it back up, but it really isn’t my decision. The FAQs say usually once you are suspended they will not return your name or the content of the blog.

    This sucks.

  56. pynkmyst Says:

    What on earth could you have violated??

  57. Colleen Says:

    Mk Rules I was wondering what happened to you? This is not right!!!

  58. Pink Biz Says:


    Did wordpress inform you as to specific violation of terms of service? I would think they have an obligation to do so. If not, I would be requesting specifics.

  59. shadesofpink Says:

    I agree with Pink Biz. I read the terms of service and couldn’t see what you could have violated.

  60. shadesofpink Says:

    Hey, just wanted you to know that at 2:00 p.m. EDT I was able to access MK Rules. It seems to be back up and running. 🙂

  61. Pink Biz Says:

    Same here. Hope it stays up. Was there a glitch of some kind or was it a warning maybe? Perhaps MKRules will fill us in.

  62. pynkmyst Says:

    Looks like she is back in action! FABOO! 🙂 Must have been an error. YAY

  63. mkrules Says:

    It seems it was a mistake…I had recieved no warning and was just as surprised as you all. Anyway, it is back up and I am back with a fresh outlook. Blogging is to be results reporting and motivational. I will work more, not just talk about working more. This is the only way I am gonna reach my goal of DIQ Dec 1. I am going to seminar 08 as a director and that is that.

  64. Pink Biz Says:

    I am jumping for joy that it was only an error!! Ooh, maybe an error message would be nice WordPress when glitches (mistakes) happen. My wish for you MKRules is that you have the time of your life as you work towards your goal of DIQ! Have fun each day with your committment!

  65. mkrules Says:

    Thanks, Pink Biz…I met a lot of nice ladies at my booth yesterday. It really was a lot of fun. I kept telling myself…”This will be just another day at the “office” for me soon!”


  66. Pink Biz Says:

    Absolutely MKR! You know what’s great about that too. Mary Kay affords all of us the advantage of meeting women whose path otherwise we may never have encountered. I’ve met some really great women, both as MK sisters as well as customers and recruits. Such a blessing to be in their space!

  67. mkhonesty Says:

    Jeez Myst, ya locked up the Husband Training thread just as I was about to nuke Blessed. 🙂

  68. pynkmyst Says:

    Sorry…. I am such a killjoy!!!

    The post was driving traffic… I was tempted to let it go but it seemed to be degrading… know what I mean Jelly Bean?

  69. Pink Biz Says:

    It was definitely time to end that delightful conversation. It had burned itself out pretty well even though it was great dialogue up to a point. The ribbon ceremony was the finale I think. Thanks myst for taking action to close it.

  70. pynkmyst Says:

    OMG! Ribbon ceremony! True … and hilarious! Thanks for the smiles! 😀

  71. Pink Biz Says:

    The ribbon you awarded myst was by far the winner. 8) 🙂

    mkhonesty, I was so wondering if you were around. Glad you are.

  72. pynkmyst Says:

    So what hot topic should we tackle next? 😛

  73. colleen Says:

    Lets start a new thread on the positives of an MK husband and mk honesty can give his thoughts there. Just my two cents.

  74. Blessed Says:


    Thanks for allowing such a spirited exchange. You’re a classy lady.


  75. pynkmyst Says:

    A new positive threads on husbands it is Colleen! 🙂 I will post later today.

    Dittos to you Blessed! Well… except for the lady part. 😉 We’ll roll with classy guy instead.

  76. Pink Biz Says:

    Thanks for suggesting this Colleen. I want to see this too, as it has been on my heart the past couple of days. Thumbs up pynkmyst for the approval.

  77. Jeni Says:

    Yeah Betty!!! Stick with it girl, you can do it! Don’t do like I did, and listen to the “other board”. I sent my product back, and now I am very, very sorry!

    Betty, build wide, very wide, then build deep. Make your customers first priority when it comes to MK. They are your lifeline to a successful business.

    If a discouraging day happens, run with it. Let it continue until it ( the discouraging day ) runs its course. We all have those days, and no they are not fun, but they are a part of life. I tend to think of them as a time out for what I need to do that is better, and remain focused. You can do this business, and you can make money at it. Give it time, and work it just like Mary Kay the woman , stated: book, sell, book more, sell more, recruit, talk about the business plan, get your name out there, and always , always, have your face and hair done when you leave the house. It will do you wonders for your business and for your self esteem.

    Best of luck to you Betty, with love, Jeni

  78. Martha Says:

    I just found this site. I am glad. Although I see there has not been much activity since Nov. 07, I am thankful, I had an opportunity to read the blogs that were posted. Much success everyone!!!

  79. Pinkie Says:

    Hey y’all! I can’t believe I found a pro-MK blog!! How awesome! I’ll be checking back in soon!

  80. Hi Pinkie! Isn’t it sad that we are so hard to find?

  81. Colleen Says:

    hey Myst where are you at Seminar?

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