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  1. pynkmyst Says:

    pynkmyst talks Personal Use

    Ok I have a strong opinion in this area. So hang on!

    You guys, I have seen so many NEW directors fall out of out of directorship and unfortunately there seems to be a consistent theme. Everyone knows that *almost* everyone signs their uncle the preacher as #30 to finish DIQ (or for the C & D types, #31 just to be sure), however there are so many folks who are building their units on the exception and not the rule.

    From the folks I have known who didn’t make I hear the same thing: “My unit is doing anything.” “Nobody is working their business.” “Nobody comes to meetings.” “Nobody takes this seriously.” “We are not making production.” “Nobody wants to recruit.” “I’m having to do it all myself.”

    No kidding? Well… a personal use person didn’t start a business. They bought a discount privilege.

    When I was CLOSE to DIQ the first time in my Mary Kay life, the first 6 months in Business, my Senior encouraged me to “Sign & activate my Mom as #8 and if she didn’t want to be a consultant she could refuse shipment of the product and that would be ok.” Now I am not saying everybody does this, but I do know that there are a large number of people who see Personal Use as a viable recruiting source. Me… I happen to be a “D” and then a “C.” So instead of being excited, I got suspicious and read my Advance Brochure front to back and back to front and decided how my own DIQ process was gonna work. I didn’t DIQ until a few years later but when I did I finished strong. See… I did the math. Even though I sell a lot of product (even as a consultant – didn’t we all) you figure that I put in my $1000-$1500 wholesale order … well then I would need 15 personal use consultants PER MONTH to finish DIQ. HOLY MOLEY! YES every month because these people will generally only order 1x (maybe 2) per year. WOW! That is a LOT of work! That is a LOT of energy! That is a big scary number!

    Personally, my theory has always been QUALITY not QUANTITY. As a director, I treat every consultant the same in the beginning as I work to find out what their goals are and where they want to go in their business. I prefer to spend that precious time with people who want to build a business. Even if their business goal is $50 mad money each month. I don’t care. As long as it is a business goal!

    SCARCITY IN THINKING: I think this is the MOST dangerous part of “using” the “Personal Use Crutch.” People encourage and talk personal use because (in my opinion) they are AFRAID to talk BUSINESS and afraid to talk INVENTORY. After awhile that’s what they always get cuz that’s what they always got. We now have a habit. They get into the habit of talking $200 active instead $600 qualified or $1800 star. I USED TO THINK THIS WAY, even though I wasn’t recruiting personal use… YIKES! Thank God I had a future National who coached me on NOT making peoples decisions for them in the area of inventory and instead taught me how to give them the facts so they could make the best decision for themselves, for their family.

    You guys, how many red jackets are from sisters, cousins, mothers DOING FAVORS. How many folks are discouraged 3 months later when they have to hang that red jacket in the closet? How many folks feverishly look only to the people they know so that they can get “one more personal” to buy three months more? How many “personal use” consultants have bad Mary Kay experiences because they signed for a discount club but their “Director” kept calling them to place orders and hold classes when they didn’t want to.

    MY OPINION: This is not for the Company to regulate. It is for us as Directors to EDUCATE! I do NOT *encourage* personal use but there are always EXCEPTIONS to the rule. My rule is to find people who have a desire to be in business! So I have personal use? Of course I have them. However I do not *seek* them. Some started with great aspirations and became personal use due to life circumstances, one in particular I have never met but just wanted a place where she could sign again, get her discount and be left alone. Ok. I am not going to tell her no. Bottom-line is that I coach, I educate, my folks to look for smart women who would be GREAT at their own business, who have a need for Mary Kay or more importantly, Mary Kay needs.

    You guys, I was taught one way and chose to implement another. I know that today and every day I am building the Mary Kay legacy that my Mary Kay family and yes my Future National area will have the HONOR of living with and passing on.

    Did I say National Area? Sure did! Ladies when I started this business I started with a “Go BIG or go home.” mentality. Darn newbie’s… barely out of my “pull-ups” and already think I know it all! LOL

    An end note. We are blessed to be in a business where we truly do work for ourselves but not by ourselves. Where open dialogue and free discussion can happen with open hearts and open minds. We truly are blessed with our many freedoms and the ultimate in flexibility we have in Mary Kay. We each have the opportunity to work our businesses in the way best suited for our needs and our beliefs.

  2. Colleen Says:

    WOW! Maybe you should give that speech at Seminar that is worth front row!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Pynk Myst,

    Three cheers for you! This post is FANTASTIC! I agree with every single word.

  4. colleen Says:

    Ill be honest with you I didnt think you were interested in having a National Area!! This is interesting. Do you know or think you have any idea of how long it may take? Im guessing maybe 5?

  5. pynkmyst Says:

    Oh yes I do plan on being National some day. I have given myself 7 years. πŸ™‚ So far one off spring and I should have one more by Seminar this year. Would love to see them both have off-spring too. πŸ™‚ Slow and steady/deep and wide.

  6. colleen Says:

    Yeah Allyson Lemarr (although it was quick) did deep and wide..dont forget when you go to Leadership to give us the scoop!

  7. pynkmyst Says:

    I am actually not going to leadership. GASP! I did however get my suit flyer and order form today though!! MUCH better than the pictures that have been floating around!! FAB!

  8. Colleen Says:

    Well if you dont need Leadership I guess you ll get the scoop from sister directors…we still want to know pink inquiring minds..LOL

  9. mkrules Says:

    Yeah, I saw it at corporate and it was very cute, eggplant in color. It did not look like the pics on the blogs. You will look nice I am sure.

  10. pynkmyst Says:

    Thanks mkrules!! I think the color will be great! I am not sure about the optional blouse this time though. All those ruffles make us girls with big.. uh… “girls”… look heavier and bigger up top. ack

  11. Krizzle Says:

    PynkMyst, you scare me girl! I was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure you’re older, but dang, I’ve never seen eye-to-eye with any director on so many topics. Just now reading some of your posts in other sections, and it’s like WOW. I do have a twin brother, but the hospital may have swapped you out for my crazy brother. Are you sure you’re not a young and spunky chick from the Bay Area? J/K, amazing nonetheless.

  12. pynkmyst Says:

    Hmm.. anything is possible Krizzle! I am in my 30’s though… mid-thirties… so unfair that mid-thirties is just one year… soon I will be in my “late thirties.”

    I do love the Bay Area – hubby and I used to go every year… we need to do that again! πŸ™‚

  13. "Dara" Says:

    Thank you PynkMyst- didn’t even know that you had a blog but I am so glad that I found you too. I loved your postings on MKV but I stopped visitng there. Glad to see that there’s a POSITIVE MK blogging community.

    PS.- All I can say about this post is “Amen sistergirl! Preach!”

  14. pynkmyst Says:

    Dara!! Hey girl!! Feel free to let folks know about me and mkrules and fuchsia – we are out here and look forward to adding some positive to the pink baybeeee! (While keeping real!!)

    Hey… maybe we are prealists!

  15. Colleen Says:

    you know what we are doing better than I thought when it comes to the traffic on the positive BUT realistic blogs. Traffic is picking up on Myst and Fuschia and MK Rules and they all have different looks and sayings and we can all respond……MK Rules is like the Cheerleader.
    Fuschia is the numbers and facts person and Myst
    is the Great Director like the Wizard of Oz..Pay attention to the woman behind the curtain. When I see the word pynkmyst I think about the poppyfield and the munchkins in munchkinland when Judy Garland and her friends were put to sleep.

  16. mkrules Says:

    Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah, go MK! j/k

  17. HopefullyPink Says:

    Great Post! I totally agree.
    I’ve been with MK for 20+ years.
    I believe that back in the mid-90’s when many top directors began to focus on recruiting PS consultants so they could have “buying power” in order to get their products at cost, that they really began to water down the marketing.
    I heard Mary Kay say once that she “never meant for the company to be a wholesale buying club.” She wanted it to be a company for women who wanted to HOLD CLASSES and work a business.
    I too have PS consultants – but I don’t activly recruit them (although I did for a year or so in the past). All units have them – but a unit of PSC does not a strong unit make.
    Thanks for the great post.

  18. Colleen Says:

    You all should really read (if you have not)
    More than a Pink Cadillac! Its written from an outsider and the company admits they made some mistakes and how they fixed them and some of Mary Kay Ash’s philosophies. After reading this and another book I can see why some of the old NSD’s talk about her like she is a god.

  19. mkrules Says:

    colleen, I will read this book! I am going to read it in Jan and then we will discuss.

  20. pynkmyst Says:

    mkrules! book club! πŸ™‚

  21. Colleen Says:

    MK rules you can get it from the library too.
    Pynk Myst that was funny MK rules book club…LOL

  22. mkrules Says:

    well maybe book of the month page and we can all read/discuss one per month. this month will be more than a pink caddy, who is it by?

  23. mkrules Says:

    never mind, I found out by googling.

  24. Me Says:

    I think a book club is an awesome idea and I have read More Than a Pink Cadillac–it IS great! I should probably read it again if we are discussing though.

    PM, I love this blog. I love your attitude. I love your practical mind.

    Now I have a question. How do you use “tags”? I’m new to this blogging thing in many ways. Thanks!

  25. Me Says:

    Never mind about the tag question. I just figured it out.

    You can delete that part from my comment and this comment too if you want to.

  26. pynkmyst Says:

    Hey Me! Thanks for the compliments! You ROCK!

    I have no idea about tags… but now that you do… wanna fill me in? LOL

  27. ProPink Says:

    I think I actually figured out categories but it seems they might be the same. You are using that already. If you click on the title it will take you to a screen that shows other blogs that have tagged to the same category.

    I hope that makes sense…..

  28. Me Says:

    Sorry, that was “Me” above. I had logged out.

  29. pynkmyst Says:

    LOL – Ahh… gotcha! Kewlio! Thanks!!!

  30. Jeni Says:

    pynkmyst: that was incredible! You have my vote for director of the year. Wow, now I wish you could talk to me face to face like that, and I could watch all of your movements, and learn somethinb. A++++.

  31. still pink Says:

    Thanks pynkmyst. I needed to read that. I am actually a little frustrated with my business right now. Or should I say myself? My director’s meetings are very boring, the same thing each week, and mostly about recruiting. I don’t bring guests because of that.

    I am not sure if I want to continue, or should I go to another meeting? I dont’ want to do this business “by myself”. I have one team member, who I have almost abandoned.

    Any thoughts or insights would be great. You sound very inspirational.

  32. pynkmyst Says:

    Hi still pink & welcome welcome!!!

    Ok, here is the deal, you need to find a meeting that inspires you and that you enjoy. As a Director we always hate when we lose a unit member to another meeting but here is the bottom line. This is YOUR business and YOU have to spend your time WISELY. Why attend a meeting that just isn’t doing it for you?

    So start meeting shopping and find a place where you feel welcome, have fun and get the elements you need from a meeting.

    As a side note, my Directors meetings were like that and she always had huge attrition. People can only stand to hear the same thing so many times in a row for crying out loud.

    So girlie, remember, this is YOUR BUSINESS. You do not owe anyone an explanation, you do not need an excuse. This is a business decision and you have to do what is RIGHT for YOUR BUSINESS. Don’t get caught up in the emotions and drama that can come up. Just do your thing and MEETING SHOP. Check out a few. πŸ™‚

  33. I agree wholeheatedly. I figured it out and you actually are better off having those women EARN their discount through being a preferred hostess than by recruiting them. Yes, there ARE some who started only to get the discount, and then saw the light and started doing more. But what percentage is that the case?

    I only have 4 recruits – all personal use. They have been my recruits for 5-9 years. I recruited one because I felt guilty – she bought so much. (I was new.) I figured if she knew she could buy it for less and chose not to, then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty. Instead of relieving my guilt, she signed and I lost 3 customers (her sister and mother). My second one was a backfired selling attempt. She is a realtor and I wanted her to use MK products as the welcome gifts. She thought it was a GREAT idea and being the business minded woman realized it made more business sense to purchase them herself. (I lost her, her Mom and best friend that were customers.) My sister-in-law I recruited as personal use because neither I, nor my Mother-in-law (my recruiter)had strong enough businesses to just “give” her a discount without majorly hurting our profit margin. The last one use to be a really active, working Consultant that let life get in the way and decided she just wanted to service and be personal use. The first question I asked after she informed me of the decision was about her current inventory level and debt level, reminding her that to remain afloat she couldn’t stop totally.

    I NEVER call them for orders. I don’t include them in my goals. They are blessings out of the blue when they order. I DO send them Christmas cards and periodic “what’s going on in your life nowadays?” catchup correspondence. Other than that I leave them alone. If they get to the about to be terminated mark, I just contact them and ask them straight out, “Are you going to be placing an order so you can continue buying at wholesale or do you want me to put you back in my customer file?” Secretly a part of me is hoping they would prefer to be customers again. (4% of $400/ year is only $16, where as, if they bought the $800 worth of product from me I would have earned $400 before expenses, etc.)

  34. oops, just glanced over my post. That’s “continue buying at wholesale”.

    (I know all of you intelligent women already knew it was a typo.)

  35. colleen Says:

    Here is an article that says that the home party is on the rise again!!!

  36. Pink Biz Says:

    #32 pynkmyst says: “Ok, here is the deal, you need to find a meeting that inspires you and that you enjoy. As a Director we always hate when we lose a unit member to another meeting but here is the bottom line. This is YOUR business and YOU have to spend your time WISELY. Why attend a meeting that just isn’t doing it for you?”

    Pynkmyst, I need clarification on something troubling me for some time now. Is there a Corporate rule of some kind that says a consultant must attend her director’s meeting if the consultant lives within a 25 mile radius of that meeting? Secondly, that the consultant cannot attend another meeting anywhere in the metropolitan area (in or out of the 25 mi. radius) unless her director gives approval AND has spoken to the other director? I have heard these comments made to several sister consultants on separate occasions. I’m troubled by it because it’s not at all what I’ve read on the internet. I’ve come to think that it’s a control measure by this director because that’s been the case about so many other things. Not meaning to put you on the spot, but really need your honesty here. Whenever you have a chance to respond is ok, I have much patience.

  37. pynkmyst Says:

    Oh girl… you can’t ever put me on the spot.

    The answer, in a word: NO

    I have never heard anything like that from Corporate… now I can imagine a National saying something like that – but bottomline, it is BS.

    Hey.. as a Director, if I pulled that kind of crap, I would expect a consultant to sit out for a year and sign with someone else. Seriously.

    As a Director I am in a WIN situation if my team members or unit members are inpsired by someone else. I make commission on the order regardless of where they get their inspiration. I would rather put on one heck of a meeting and offer a motivating environment and do my best to be the best Director I can, yet if I am not the director that does it, I want my consultants to find someone who does. Too bad there are people who don’t feel that way.

    So Pink Biz, that is NOT a corporate rule. HTH

  38. Pink Biz Says:

    I am grateful to have the truth. Your expectation amazed me because sitting out to resign is happening, two have simply quit. Travel distance, peak traffic time through the metro area for start of meeting, and soaring gasoline prices didn’t help and was among reasons for requesting a closer meeting. Your view pynkmyst makes complete sense. I don’t know of a reason to object to where someone would get their inspiration other than for reasons of control. As I shared, it has happened in numerous matters. The problem I have is not being truthful. It takes more effort to make up and execute an untruth and continue to do so. I suppose the thought is who is going to challenge it. Whatever the reasoning, it is clearly the wrong thing to do from the start. Thanks for being candid with me. I appreciate you.

  39. pynkmyst Says:

    anytime Pink Biz

    Are the people sitting out on your team or just in the same unit?

  40. Pink Biz Says:

    One of mine quit. One of hers is sitting out. She will resign for sure, but not the former. A third is same unit.

  41. pynkmyst Says:

    Dang. How about you? What are you going to do?? If you want to keep your team, I would recommend helping them find another meeting and explain how it all works. So sorry girlie. 😦

  42. Pink Biz Says:

    You are insightful pynkmyst. I feel the need to preface, just for clarity, that I do not speak ill of the director (have never done so), but have voiced to these women how they can choose to be or not to be as a director should they pursue directorship somewhere down the road. It’s about making choices. For myself, I strongly lean in a given direction and feel daily that I am making the right choice. My goals may have to wait for I need a mentor, not a controller. That’s where my heart lies. Thanks again for caring.

  43. pynkmyst Says:

    Hey we can like people we don’t agree with. Heck we can even work with people we can’t stand. Agreement on any single issue does not dictate or indicate a like or dislike for an individual. πŸ™‚ So no worries. I make no assumptions.

    Now if you need a mentor. Girl you got one. πŸ™‚

  44. Pink Biz Says:

    I agree. Working with people who have different value systems is part of life. I don’t have to agree with them, but I do have to respect they are human beings. Packaged with shortcomings and faults and good tidings all rolled into one. I accept them even if I don’t agree with them. Being a Christian helps me in this aspect.

    I should comment here that the control as I call it could be just a matter of wanting to keep all the eggs in the same basket if possible, so maybe a poor choice of tactics chosen by this individual. Who knows, I have not discussed this situation because it’s not approachable. I like this individual for completely different reasons, as you’ve pointed out, because I can find the good in everyone. Only I don’t always wish to subject myself to the areas that disturb me. My tolerance has been long standing though.

    Thank you for no assumptions. To sum it up, I like the director, I do not like particular behaviors. I have goals though and that becomes my decision. I thank you and will remember you are there ready to mentor.

  45. mkrules Says:

    Pink biz: You are very mature to dislike the behavior and not the person. That is an awesome attitude!

  46. msmkpink Says:

    In reference to above:
    #32 pynkmyst says: β€œOk, here is the deal, you need to find a meeting that inspires you and that you enjoy. As a Director we always hate when we lose a unit member to another meeting but here is the bottom line. This is YOUR business and YOU have to spend your time WISELY. Why attend a meeting that just isn’t doing it for you?”

    While I totally agree with Myst, I don’t care where they go if it is doing it for them.However, about 10-11 years ago, I had a situation where a consultant wanted to come to my meetings, said most of the above, I asked her to ask her Director, Long story short, her Director was upset. Now this Director was fairly new,and it was also her personal recruit. The consultant called the company, I found myself in a real quandry trying to do the right thing by the Director and the consultant. It was a small town,It became very stressful, had to use every ounce of much prayed for people skill with both of them.

    Company’s take on it back then, may be different now (I called them too for facts)
    was yes, they really wanted consultants to support their local unit because of Unit goals, etc:::: Was it an ironclad Rule? No, but they preferred that and encouraged it.
    It is the same with the websites, their take (used to be anyway,)that they should be password protected. My feeling is we should all share and be Go Give about the sites, even though I understand some of the why’s.

    I felt really bad for the local Director as she was new and learning, for petes sake, and to compare her with another unit that has been around awhile seemed unfair. Let’s face it, some are impressed and think Whoo Hoo, that unit is in pink, must be better, You and I know that is not always necessarily so,This particular consultant definitely felt that way (as I found out later) she had much to learn as we all have and do,

    But as you have said, to me it is their business and I feel that they should go where it works for them.It truly is a Win Win situation, I don’t care, I just want her to be happy and succeed with her definition of success.

    Love your site,Pink Myst, you are a very wise leader. Pink biz, you have and awesome attitude as MK Rules has said and will go far.
    Sorry for the long post.

  47. mkrules Says:

    To me, meetings being motivating does not have to do with car status etc, it has to do with how fun the meeting is and am I learning anything? Will my guest like it? And honestly, I try to book on meeting night (one of my only 2 nights off) and only go if I am not doing a booking. I don’t know if the director even cares if you go to meeting if you are working. They are great for training though and for a little friendly competition.

  48. shadesofpink Says:

    I entered this really late, but I was wondering about that 25 mi radius rule myself. A friend of mine was in a unit where the director decided to quit MK abruptly (a top Cadillac director). As a result, the senior director absorbed the unit. Now, the director who stepped down, was more involved with our area events and she was of a different Seminar affiliation. She and her senior didn’t always see eye to eye. My friend wanted to be adopted into either my director’s unit or her senior’s unit. She approached her new director with her feelings and presented them to her in a civil and dignified manor and was told she cannot because of the 25 mile thing. She also made the other directors promise not to take her unit members from her meetings. I now know that my friend and two others from that “broken unit” (I guess I could call it that) are sitting out and becoming inactive and signing up with the new director of their choice.
    I just think it is sad that rather than allowing them to adopt she doesn’t seem to care that they are going to quit and sign with someone else. She could have let them continue their businesses and earned her commission just the same. Am I missing something here?

  49. shadesofpink Says:

    That should be manner up there. I’m out of it today. πŸ˜†

  50. mkrules Says:

    JHMO: If I were a director, and I knew a unit member did not want to be at my meeting…why would I want her there? She will just either not come, or come and be unproductive/unhappy. Why not let her go to whatever meeting and be happy?

    On the other hand: Consultants should take meeting for what it is, it isn’t about being 100% in agreeance with the directors, it’s about learning, bringing guests, and getting recognition. To expect more than that is to disappoint yourself. Going to a “good” or “better” meeting will not make you get off your tush and work! πŸ™‚

  51. Jeni Says:

    Love this pynkmyst, and all. I was thinking about signing up under my boyfriend and working the business under his name. Can I do that and get away with it? I really don’t want to do it that way but if I have to I will. I need leadership, and positive talk. I am aware that some people don’t get along with some people but, hey, that is life. I want to sign up under a director that will NOT speak badly about her unit members. I do my MK business, and I have some people in my neighborhood who wanted to order from me. What shall I do? I have some people in Illinois that want to order from me, and I would make a day of it. Sell, recruit, party ( no alcohol, cuz I don’t drink ) and I did quit smoking. So, pynkmyst, my one year will be up in February, and I can write a letter, maybe with your help or MK rules help, and come back with a new group and new attitude. What do you think?

    Please let me know, I am really hyped on this and miss my quarterly prizes. I was always a star consultant in my 6 months as a consultant. I did not go to any leadership meetings because my old SD did not want to go, so she did not want us to go. Does that make sense? Was not in long enough to attend seminar.

  52. colleen Says:

    Jeni this is a good idea at least you can wait a few months if you have to the only thing is you wont get recruit credit if you recruit someone but at least you can sell. At least you know you have a safe haven here to vent and give us your success stories and your questions and concerns.

  53. Jeni Says:

    TYSVM colleen. I appreciate the positive attitude. This is great, real people helping real people, and understanding hearts. What a great place to be. Again, thank you ever so much.

    with love, Jeni

  54. Pink Biz Says:

    Ok, got an avatar. Seems you do have to have a blog. As I posted on Me’s site, I started that back in March. Very indecisive about it, didnt’ do anything for months. Only, I couldn’t get the avatar to post, so thanks to MKRules who helped me. Being a Christian pink lady, I’ll post on inspiration that I find to share with others. If blogging isn’t really my thing, I have found how to unlink my name but leave the avatar. πŸ˜€

  55. Pink Biz Says:

    THANKS to the guys at for their help with the avatar too! I can’t forget them!!

  56. Lindel James Says:

    Pynkmyst –

    Just want to compliment you on a fine site and service to MK folks. I love your straight talk and sound thinking. This coach feels that you are provide a great service to Mk and its consultants! Bravo!!!

    Lindel James, the Pink Strategist

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